1.       Does Gail Andrus Travel have regular bus schedules?
                         As a transportation broker, we do not run regular bus schedules or bus routes. We provide motor coach charter                          services as well as planning and execution of motor coach tours.
  2.       Does it cost extra to work through Gail Andrus Travel?
            There is no additional cost when working through Gail Andrus Travel. We are recognized by the motor coach             companies we represent for the volume of business we do and are compensated by them directly.

  3.    Can Gail Andrus Travel take care of my airline flight needs?
            Gail Andrus Travel is not a full service travel agency.  We cannot handle Air or Cruise Line Transportation.
            If you are in need of a full service travel agency, we would be happy to recommend one to you!

  4.    Can I rent a vehicle and drive it myself?
           No; All vehicles chartered through Gail Andrus Travel come with a licensed, professional driver.

 5.      I want to plan a group trip but am not sure where to start!
            Gail Andrus Travel specializes in ground transportation and group tours.  We can help you coordinate/put         
            together any type of tour that you are looking for!  Fall color tours, Detroit Tiger baseball games, and more. 
            Just give us a call and we can help walk you through the planning process and get things started.